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St Thomas More RC Primary School is federated with St Mary's College.

The St Mary's College Federation Governors have responsibility for the governance of the school. This means that they are there to ensure that the school meets its legal duties with regards to the education provided to the children. It ensures standards are monitored and maintained. It helps in setting the strategic direction of the school, whilst the Head and the teachers deliver the day to day operational running of the school.

We have Parent representatives elected by parents and those with parental responsibility. There are Foundation Governors that are nominated by the Parish Priests and approved by the Diocese. In addition we have representation by staff and the Local Education Authority appointed Governors.

Governors have a key role in decision-making and are expected to prepare for and attend meetings of the governing body and any committees of which they are a member.

As well as supporting the school, governors need to ask challenging questions to be sure that the school is providing the best possible education.

Should you wish to contact a governor for information or to discuss a matter to do with the school, please contact our school office for more details.

A full list of St Mary's College Federation Governors can be found here.

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