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Our Staff

Head of School: Mrs J. Eley

Assistant Head of School: Mr G. Shaw

SENCo: Mrs R. Hutcherson

Child Protection Co-ordinators: Mrs A. Lutkin & Mrs R. Hutcherson

 Teaching Staff

  • Foundation Stage: Mrs E. Champion and Mr D. Barwick
  • Year 1: Mrs A. Shenton
  • Year 2: Miss E. Bradley
  • Year 3: Miss L. Shepherd
  • Year 4: Miss E. Jennison
  • Year 5: Mr J. Dalleywater
  • Year 6: Mr G. Shaw and Mrs R. Hutcherson

Teaching Assistants

  • Mrs S. Pickard (HLTA)
  • Mrs H. Boldock
  • Mrs C. Cundill
  • Miss M. Greaves
  • Mrs J. Harrison
  • Mrs R. Jacklin
  • Mrs R. Jones
  • Miss J. Roberts
  • Mrs L. Shimells
  • Mrs N. Sylvester

Nursery Nurse

  • Mrs T. Sellers

Emotional Well-being Worker

  • Mrs A. Lutkin

Office Staff

  • School Business Manager: Mrs S. Drake-Davis
  • Admin Assistant: Mrs C. Braithwaite
  • Site Facilities Officer: Mr I. Rowland

Bus, Breakfast and Lunchtime Supervisors

  • Mrs C. Hassan
  • Mrs L. Shimells
  • Mrs L. Skinner


  • Mrs J. Brown

Diary Dates