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Immersive classrooms

What are they?

Immersive classrooms are environments that create excitement, engagement and the desire to commit to a project. Our classrooms have flexible layouts, a range of different areas to work in and are themed around a different topic each term.

Why are we using them?

Our new classroom arrangements will allow us to make the most of learning opportunities whilst at the same time developing the children's independence. The classrooms were trialed and evaluated over the course of last year in both Year 6 and Year 2. The results were extremely successful and the children loved their new environments.

What happens next?

As we move through the year, we will continue to evaluate our approaches to learning so that our children get the best experiences possible.

We will be focusing on helping the children to become confident, independent, self-managers - skills that are not just useful for school, but are equally important for life!

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