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Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Deep Thoughts

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The beautiful lagoon had everyone fascinated! The beautiful lagoon had everyone fascinated!

On Tuesday 16th July Year 2 went on a trip to The Deep.

We left school a little after 9 and arrived at The Deep shortly afterwards. After leaving our packed lunches in a safe place we went straight to the Learning Centre where everyone got the chance to make a Turtle hand puppet. See the pictures below.

Sadly the turtle tank was having a leak repaired, so we couldn't see the big turtles. All was not lost, however, as there were a couple of terapins which the RSPCA had brought to The Deep recently to be looked after properly. We had a good look at them.

Next we went exploring the tanks and other attractions (including the Shop). In the next picture you can see a couple of girls dancing on a "rock pool". I don't know how it was done, but each time they took a step it created ripples in the image on the floor - cool!

The beautiful lagoon had everyone fascinated, as we watched hundreds of beautifully colourful fish swim by.

The big attraction (apart from the elevator that goes up through the tank) was the tunnel. As we walked underneath a huge swordfish glided above us. It's a dark picture because visitors are asked not to use flash photography. It was very impressive, though.


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